Reliance Industries (RIL) has increased  the worth of just about all grades of plastic (PP) by office 12,000 per MT w.e.f. 1st March. As per ChemAnalyst knowledge, costs of the PP-Raffia jumped to around 1, 21,080 per MT and PP-Random polymer rose to office 1, 31,103 per MT on first March. RIL has already declared revision in its high-density polythene (HDPE) evaluation by regarding office 10,000 per MT w.e.f. April. Rates of PVC (PVC) have conjointly surged by office 6,000 per MT within the initial week of March. Once revision, PVC Suspension rigid grade K67 is presently being listed at office 1, 26,480 per MT whereas Suspension versatile grade K67 is being listed at office 1, 27,480 per MT.

The rise within the value of polymers can inevitably impact the profits of its client industries. Though some patrons showed temperament to acquire material during this on the face of it volatile and ever-rising state of affairs, resilient demand has exacerbated the market tightness. Increased costs are successively moving the margins of its user industries. The agricultural sector, the key client of PVC pipes might be the worst-hit as materials like plastic pipes, drip irrigation system, water tanks etc. could witness abrupt surge in rates.

As per ChemAnalyst,” The country's economic output within the December quarter showed 0.41 per cent growth year on year whereas its producing PMI appears steady around 57.5 in Feb. despite holding the second highest corona virus cases globally. To confirm sustained economic process, the govt. would need to waver the price inflation pressures over the MSMEs and frame new policies for chemical compound producers to confirm the adequate domestic accessibility.”